BPMA Design Innovation Awards 2014

The BPMA Design Awards is an annual competition which seeks innovation for the promotional products industry.  The brief outlines the need for commercial viability and brandability of the design and the main requirement is that it is suitable for low-cost manufacture.

The nine competition finalists met at the 3M innovation centre to discuss their concepts and take a look at some of 3M’s most successful designs. The designer’s concepts were exhibited at the 2013 Trade Only National Show which was the perfect opportunity for networking with manufacturers and seeking potential sponsorship and clients.

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The competition then took the final designs to Marketing Week Live 2014, which was another valuable opportunity for the designers to share their concepts and prototypes with the public and engage with businesses who would potentially market their products. The competition as a whole is a brilliant way to learn first hand about the steps involved with taking a product to market and it provides the finalists with some great networking opportunities.