The launch of Cara Design

A learning experience is one of those things that say, “You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.”


I’m learning to make decisions at the moment.

This next year will be used as a learning exercise and I’ll be committing time and effort in exchange for knowledge and experience. I’m trying to avoid being influenced by money for as long as physically possible. This is the point where we all laugh at my naivety, pretend we’re joking and take a 9-5 job like most sane people would, right?

Two weeks later…

I just set up a company! The whole process took around 10 minutes on the ‘Companies House’ website, which surprised me; I’d always imagined it would be a long, complex process but the hardest part was deciding on a name. Well, ‘Cara Design’ isn’t the most imaginative of names but it’ll do until I get a feel for things. Most importantly, I’ve now secured a workspace at the Central Research Laboratory for my company, after giving a Dragons Den type pitch, and I’ve also secured funding for one of my prospective design projects through a competition. Its good to make the most of the word ‘secured’ since very little of this plan seems that way right now…

Central Research Laboratory Pitch Room