Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Over the past month we’ve taken a co-creation approach to develop and refine pre-prototype models of the evolvable walking aid kit, using feedback from walking aid users to ensure the product fulfils their needs and desires.

The four main user groups of people offering valuable feedback on the design include:

– People in the process of mobility rehabilitation
– People with deteriorating mobility conditions
– People whose mobility support preferences/needs change
– Physiotherapists and occupational therapists who carry out assessments and/or distribute walking aids

Since being in touch with these walking aid users the design has really begun to take shape and we are excited to further explore how the kit can give people more choice and control over the walking aid they use.

Project Update

When this project was started last year, the aim was to improve life for children with walking impairments in developing regions of the world. After designing a version of the walking aid kit which could be made locally in rural areas at very low cost I met with Kenya High Commission’s Counsellor for Education to discuss how the provision of walking aids could enable more children to attend school.

I am now looking to collaborate with a design student from Brunel University to continue developing this version of the kit in parallel to the UK version to achieve a greater scale of impact. A diary of the project is being kept by our design mascot Meru Llama if you would like to find out more.